News 22-07-2019

    New manual Patch added on website

    Section Download - Manual Update.

    for people for which Luna Updater does not work.

    News 09-07-2019

    Hey , i wanted to inform you guys that the Official Opening date wil be in August

    02.08.2019 18:00 CET :)

    Keep your eyes open , stay calm and hold thumbs tight :D

    Dont forget to vote for the server link below :

    Join Our Discord link below :

    News 23-06-2019

    New Client Uploaded Download it.!tRFQ0SrJ!Kix6v6hAg340c777XwkUrcYIjWgVM2LYVpKNy9WSzHs

    News 12-05-2019

    Official Beta Starts at 18:00 Server time 12.05.2019

    You have to create new account.

    Download new client , link below:

    Vote reward setted to 10x Donation coins unbound.

    News 10-05-2019

    The Open Beta Starting Tomorrow.

    11.05.2019 18:00 Server Time.

    New Client will be available to download.

    News 08-05-2019

    In Game Design changed.

    Emok Explorer added.

    Per merchant pets time limit changed to 3 hours.

    In game safezones overworked.

    Blessing Fairy Npc redesigned.

    Drop rate of blacksymbols decreased.

    1st job change scroll added to f.l reward at lvl 30.

    2nd job change scroll added to f.l reward at lvl 50.

    Starting package changed.

    Job change rewards changed.

    Auction house fixed.

    Quest Guide on Website reworked.

    Time Table on Website reworked.

    Official beta starts this weekend , Stay Tuned.

    News 02-05-2019

    Dungeon 2 Level Limit changed to 75.

    Dungeon 2 monsters stats / exp changed.

    Picture of Hell Level limit setted to 75.

    In Game F1 menu updated with some hotlinks.

    New welcome board notice added.

    Player can start fishing by right clicking on Fish Trap.

    Player can gamble on lottery system by right clicking on Lottery Ticket.

    Happy Hour buff fixed.

    Level reward system changed.

    Pvp Alpha end's soon, after that Open beta will begin.

    News 28-04-2019

    Hero quest repeat timelimit changed to one week.

    In Game Hero quest npc's locations changed.

    Drop rate of Upgrade talismans Decreased.

    Pvp Skill damage balanced.

    Pve skill damage balanced.

    High level area Spawns changed.

    Dungeon 2 spawns changed.

    Egg exp decreased.

    Life extension skillbooks available for everyone at lvl 71+.

    G3 Buff skillbooks , G6 Refine available at lvl 70+.

    Donation shop include new items.

    Jewel enchanting completely disabled.

    Training center time purchase with jewels disabled.

    Some bug fixed.

    News 22-04-2019

    New Patch available. Download it.

    Stones "Wooden box" drop list changed,including special items.

    Updater Added to Game Client, download new patch or client.

    Black Symbols added to droprate out of Stones, Quest contains awesome rewards.

    Black Symbol Manager Npc added to fort city.

    Hanin Mirrors , Trigrams removed from game untill we figure out how to balance it.

    Starting spawn location setted to one single spot.

    Some monster spawn amount increased.

    News 21-04-2019

    New Patch available. Download it.

    Pvp Alpha has begun.

    Starting level setted to 70, with 2000 Donation Coins to purchase test rent armors and weapons from item shop.

    top left corner section Rent.

    Lot of bug fixes has been done.

    and much more less important things :).

    News 18-04-2019

    New Patch available. Download it.

    InGame Changes:

    Some bugs in game fixed.

    Tower of Priest Level Limitation Changed.

    Monster Stats-level changed.

    Armors and Weapon drop rate decreased.

    Server guide Updated.

    Daily - Hero Quests fixed.

    and much more less important things :).

    News 14-04-2019

    New Patch available. Download it.

    In the following weeks we will post many many more update

    patches and also explain what they include.

    Keep your expectations high!

    Feel Free to Vote for us here:

    News 12-04-2019

    Server in Alpha Mode feel free to test it.

    After almost one Year that the last Zoo Online Server

    had its last try, we came up with the Idea that the Server

    needed some decent changes so that it will become the great

    and fun server which it was in 2013! This is why we have

    modified almost all features of the server. With the Help of

    our great Team, a new Owner and Testers we can finally get the things

    going into the right direction.

    If you want to test the current status of the server, feel free to download

    the Client and join us!