News 02-10-2019

    Dragonball quest rewards adjusted.

    Emok A6 A7 A8 monsters added.

    Taegeuk's are now purchasable.

    Overall exp Increased.

    Grade 65 Armor's added to droprate.

    Enchanting Talismans drop rate increased.

    Craftable Accesory stats improved.

    News 30-09-2019

    If you having problems with engine.exe crashes follow guide below:

    Right click "engine.exe".

    Press Properties.

    Go to Compatibility on top.

    Run this program in a compatibility mode for : Windows 7.

    Apply and then run the client

    News 28-09-2019

    Zoo Server starting today at 19 o'clock GMT +2

    Manual Patch will be uploaded at 17 o'clock GMT +2

    Registering available at 18 o'clock GMT +2

    Get Ready , remember , you must have latest client!

    News 27-09-2019

    New Client Uploaded.

    Download it ! Old one will not work on Official.

    News 13-09-2019

    During the problem's we faces , we are forced to reset the server and Reopen it.

    Donation Gem's will be given back.

    Official Opening date is Planned for 28.09.2019 Stay tuned.