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5th Update finished

19:10 Admin

Update Logs:

lvl 130+ Snow area added (lvl 123 with f1)

Auto Login added:

add the following to your System.ini to use auto login:
Login=Your ID
Pass=Your Password

Shiny Monsters can be spawned in top now.

Donation Pets have stats now

4th Update finished

21:10 Admin

Update Logs:

Shiny Priest Summon Scroll added to Honor Shop

Hero and Daily Quests fixed

Zoo Cash price decreased

GoS Spin dmg increases in PVE

Battlefield time decreased to 30 mins.

GvG time decreased to 30 mins.

G95 Thief Armor stats fixed

Exp rate from lvl 1-100 increased

3rd Update finished

21:10 Admin

Update Logs:

Hondel Rooms changed to Big Parties/small Parties and Solo Rooms

Hondel exp increased

Top F3 Monsters modified

Top F5/F6 Monster lvls lowered so lvl 120 Asc can hit

Top F3 from lvl 90

Top F4 from lvl 100

G95 Stats modified

D2 Boss changed

Boss times changed to 20:00 (/servertime)

G7 Speed up merchant moved to Temp

PVP Visitor Teleport

2nd Update finished

15:00 Admin

Update Logs:

- Battlefield System changed to 100 vs 100:

- Guild vs Guild NPCs fixed:

- Guild vs Guild System fixes:

- Picture of Hell Boss exp increased:

- Daily Quests fixed:

- Crab Area save Zones fixed:

- Boss Crab Spawn-amount increased:

- Fishery Stone added to Zoo Cash NPC:

- Hondel exp increased:

1st Update finished

22:00 Admin

Update Logs:

- Picture of Hell (lvl 100+) added.

- Arrow Rain fixed!

- Donation Pet changer added!

- Moved to a new root!

- increased Ddos Protection at highest level!

Next Update - Friday 04.05.2018

1st Update Coming

20:30 Admin

Hello Guys!

After a rough Start we plan to go on with our first part of Big Updates!

Tonight we will add some new features to keep the Community up!

We also know about the issue with the Userpanel and Register and are working on it atm.

Stay tuned!

Zoo Online Team

Welcome to Zoo Online.

We are a Server for Players, which is also made by Players of the Game.

Today, we start a new adventure on a long road to a Legendary Path of Warriors.